Welcome to Tadmur Holding

Established in 1985, Tadmur Holding W.L.L. is one of Qatar’s most trusted conglomerates, proudly owning and operating a number of multi-disciplinary, subsidiary enterprises. Drawing from expertise gained over years of operational excellence and an unyielding commitment to quality, Tadmur Holding’s subsidiary firms provide a wide range of products, solutions and services to various business sectors in Qatar.

Our identity as a company with multiple capabilities is strengthened by our devotion to our roots. We are proud to have started our journey as a homegrown company, unwaveringly loyal to the nation of Qatar. This is a banner we carry with pride. It has been a pleasure for us to contribute unreservedly to Qatar’s vision of excellence and partner in its development, raising its profile on the global stage.

Over the years Tadmur Holding has taken confident strides across the business fields we represent and today we count ourselves among Qatar’s strongest conglomerates, who lead businesses enhanced with unparalleled local knowledge, while upholding the highest of international standards.

Our expansion record stands as a testament to both our success and ambitions. Tadmur Holding has grown through the establishment of new enterprises while widening our footprint through discerning acquisitions. The strong, long-term partnerships we possess with global brands has given us a steady foothold in the market. The unmatched professionalism in our staff, their talent, capability and the commitment they bring to all interactions, across every level, stand as the hallmark of Tadmur Holding’s touch, creating inimitable value to our clients and shareholders.

While the subsidiaries in our group function independently in Qatar, they represent and uphold the Tadmur brand of quality, credibility and sustainability and receive unsurpassed financial and professional support from Tadmur Holding. As a parent company, we ensure that each of our subsidiaries delivers the unmatched expertise and attention to detail that only an affiliate of Tadmur Holding can provide.



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